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Hey again!
How is your day going today?
Or better still, how did your last party turn out to be?
For a party to be fun, you need certain ingredients to be present in the mix to cook up a tasty rave.
Here is a list of 7 essential party pre-requisites in my own opinion.

1.     Music :
The importance of quality so
und in a party cannot be overstressed especially in this age of awesome mixers, high powered speakers and beats-by-dre headphones (you cannot expect people to cope with rubbish sound anymore).
 Ever since the first party was hosted by humans (cuz the gods started earlier), it has become essential that sound which people can dance and lose their minds to must hold the background of the party in place for other ‘things’ to happen. The genre of the music played must be in line with the audience’s average age and identity so as not to bring about confusion on the dance floor when an ABBA song is played in the midst of teenagers who have no idea ‘what’ ABBA means.
 Also, the tempo must be placed rightly to yield the desired effect on the party attendees. E.g playing a 140 bpm song during a funeral wake is just shameful (except the deceased would insist).

2.     Alcohol :
I do not apologize for making this the number two on the list. If you do not drink or simply cannot comprehend the consumption of alcoholic beverages, you haven’t started living life in my own opinion. Even the bible says “wine maketh glad the heart of man”.
A perfect example of the necessity of alcohol in any adult party is what happens when there is none present. The party suffers under the ‘suffocation’ of freewill.
People are naturally uptight in the presence of strangers and therefore need to lose themselves to the moment. The key is to drink responsibly, or else you are sure to cause a scene where one isn’t needed.

3.     Expressive People :
Where alcohol comes into play, the true nature of people comes out. Nevertheless, persons of expressio

n don’t need to rush a shot of vodka before they tear up the dance floor, neither do they need to wait for anyone else to step up to the challenge before they do. A good example of such people is ME.
For a party to be successfully raging in the most important aspect – dance, your party must have persons brave enough to display their God-given moves for anyone who is willing to watch. This is why promoters, such as me, hire professional partiers to ignite a rave in the party arena without having to wait on the heavens to send down fire needed to warm up the dance floor.
 If you cannot pay partiers to attend your rave, don’t get worried yet. Just make sure you get your friends who are party animals to the venue.
 If you do not have access to either, then get ready to take up the challenge yourself.

4.      Secure Venue :
A major reason why there is a surge in nightlife especially in the country is because the security of lives and property are not
guaranteed. Mothers do not wish to let their daughters out of their sight to attend any outing later than 7pm because they suspect dangerous things could happen to them.    
In the world today, we are experiencing an era of insecurity fueled by violence in various shades and forms. Recognizing how the party mix consists of people from different works of life and backgrounds is the key to understanding the extent of security that needs to be provided. This is to ensure the safety of individuals within and around the venue.
When people feel they are secure, a relaxed mind would come to play, which in turn brings about a relaxed body.

5.       Comfort :
Imagine a very hot party lounge causing you to sweat out your body liquids and leaving you highly dehydrated and weak, starving you of the much needed air to breath. Trust me, you’ll have all the fun drained from your inside.
Nothing beats a cool party environment which might either come in the form of an enclosed air-conditioned venue or an open-air area, especially when the alcohol gets flowing and the dancing kicks in.
My point is never make the mistake of assuming your guests would ‘manage’ the air around and not mind it. Plan your party with the temperature in consideration.

6.     Constant Hype :

Most things in life are allowed - ups and downs, ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs.
In partying, this is absolutely unacceptable. Whenever a party is in play, there needs to be a constant elevation of the slope of enjoyment and good moods. This rise needs to be sustained throughout the entire party in order to ensure the insurance of the atmosphere necessary for the needed ‘jollyment’.
In order to achieve this, the organizers might need to get a good MC or Hypeman to keep the hype up and running steady. If you cannot get any of these, make sure the DJ is great at holding the audience’s attention and carrying them along throughout the party journey.

7.     Females :
It is no coincidence that I chose to make this my last point in this write-up, seeing the importance of the ‘helpers’ in the jagaban of things. I do not seek to objectify women but everyone knows what happens in a party when there is a shortage of ladies on the dance floor or the lounge area. If you are new to the party scene, all you need to do is take a look at the 0party without the fairer sex and you’ll get the message I’m passing across.
I’m a fan of a good guys’ time sometimes, but a standard party(which isn’t a sausage fest) needs the right balance of polarity.
So when next you wish to have a party, make sure to invite more dudesses than dudes.

Feel free to add what you deem essential to a party in the comments section.

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